Toasted soya flour

Soja Austria flours are produced from seeds that are not genetically treated (NO-GMO). The raw material, coming only from Austrian crops, is carefully selected. All Soja Austria flours are accompanied by supply chain certifications issued by an independent body Cert-ID and by the Kosher certificate. The entire production process is strictly controlled from sowing to the final harvest. These soybean flours have a protein content of 38-40% and contain up to 2% of soy lecithin which acts as an emulsifier for the dough. Soja Austria flours are also characterized by their ability to bind water and the content of natural antioxidants that allow the shelf-life of the finished product to be extended. Soja Austria products do not contain any preservatives or additives and on the label they are simply declared as soy flour. Soja Austria flours are widely used in products for the food industry, such as: biscuits, crackers, snacks and pastry products in genre, soups and sauces, products for children, for breakfast, mix for bread making and preparations for soups and sauces.

Product available in this sizes:
55 LBS

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