(18/22 hours):

5000 g of 0SS flour

2250 g Water (45%)

50 g Yeast (1%)

Biga dough times

Spiral mixer: 4 minutes in 1st speed

Dipping kneader: 4 minutes in 1st speed

Fork mixer: 5 minutes in 1st speed.



3000 g wholemeal spelled flour

2150 g Water (55% of the total flour)

160 g Salt (2% of the total flour)

60 g Yeast (2% on added flour)

Dough times

Spiral mixer: 10 minutes in 1st speed

Dipping kneader: 12 minutes in 1st speed.

Final dough temperature 24 ° C.

Spelled bread

Mix flour, yeast, biga and water, leaving 5% aside which will be added halfway with the salt.

Point for 5 minutes, displace until the dough is smooth and homogeneous, divide into pieces of the desired weight manually form the loaves that after a few minutes will be flattened and wrapped on themselves, or formed at will.

Leave to rise, avoiding incrustations until reaching about 70% of the initial volume and cut lengthwise.

Bake in the oven at 220 ° C with steam and after a few seconds open the draft, reach the development and close the draft.

Finish the open draft cooking.

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